Dad Devises The Ultimate Punishment To Teach Cruel Daughter A Lesson

A Reddit user named HallNum032 came to the site to get help because his 16-year-old daughter’s behavior was getting worse all the time. When she started hanging out with a different group of people at school, he saw that she had changed how she was acting. 

They no longer knew the quiet, nice girl who used to be their daughter. She began to say mean things about other people and comment on how they looked and what they had.

The worried father sat his daughter down more than once to talk about her bad behavior because he was worried about how she was growing up. He even said that her attitude made the people around her feel bad.

One person who was always influenced by his daughter’s behavior was their housekeeper. The man said, “My daughter has picked her to be her subject for hair, clothes, and “etiquette criticism.”

The housekeeper finally told her bosses that their daughter was calling her rude names when she could take it no longer. She would call their housekeeper “filthy” and “gross” for cleaning up all of their mess.

When his daughter did that, the dad felt bad about herself. He stood up for her and told her that if she did anything else wrong to their housekeeper, she would get in trouble, which she wouldn’t want.

A few days later, she went to her dad and told him she had looked everywhere but couldn’t find her phone.

He thought she would finally pay attention after telling her so many times. But his daughter kept calling their helper “filthy,” so the 16-year-old was sent to her room. The teenager lose it and starts to say that the housekeeper is lying.

She had a party that same day, but her father wouldn’t let her go because of what she did. She was furious and said the housekeeper was to blame she couldn’t go out.

A few days later, she went to her dad and told him she had looked everywhere but couldn’t find her phone. The girl asked her dad to call her, and he did. To his and his wife’s surprise, the housemaid’s bag rang with a phone call.

He told their housekeeper right away, and she strongly denied it, crying that she had not touched the phone and had no idea how it got to her bag. At that time, the daughter kept calling the housekeeper a “thief.”

His daughter was told to stop and go to her room. The high school junior didn’t think that her bad behavior would make her father not trust her and that he would do things to try to find out the truth.

What happened when the Reddit user found the real “thief”?

Before choosing what to do, HallNum032 looked at their security camera and was shocked by what he saw. The parent saw their daughter put the phone in the bag of toy maid. The man was angry that his daughter had set up the woman who wasn’t guilty.

“I said what she did was immoral and straight-up offensive to tamper with that poor woman’s livelihood over a petty party she couldn’t go to.”

The man was running out of ways to punish his daughter at this point. He knew that making her sleep in the garden would teach her a lesson because she was afraid of germs.

His daughter asked him not to make her sleep in the dirt, but he wouldn’t give in. He told her he would make her do it for two nights if she didn’t agree. His wife told him not to be so rough with their daughter.

He didn’t back down and told them that their daughter needed to learn a lesson because it was wrong to call people names and accuse them of theft. HallNum032 put his story online to find out if what he did was wrong.

What did people think about the Redditor’s story?

The dad was told that his daughter needed to learn a lesson, which was one way to do it. Some people, though, asked why he didn’t pick a different punishment, like making her do jobs around the house or taking away her phone.

He said he had already tried all of these. For days, his daughter refused to eat so she wouldn’t have to do housework, and she ended up having to go to the emergency room for low blood pressure. Someone else agreed with the parent that he was wrong, but they believed that he should have paid the helper for a week off.

The man’s daughter should have done the work instead, but she shouldn’t have been paid for it. Still another reader said the father should have made his daughter do the housekeeper’s work for two weeks and that he was right to punish her in a way that would make her face reality.

“Punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”

Someone on Reddit thought that the child’s phone should have been sold as a punishment, and the money from the sale should have been given to the helper. For punishment, they thought the girl should do housework, chores, or something for the community. They also said:

“Buy her a Nokia brick if she needs a phone to keep in contact with her.”

Some people didn’t like how the dad punished his daughter because they thought the punishment wasn’t right for the crime. Instead, they thought that the child’s phone should be taken away while she did the helper’s work for a year and a month.

People thought that HallNum032 should have let the girl starve herself and stopped when she saw that it wasn’t working. The parent was meant to threaten to get the teen hospitalized for anorexia if she didn’t give up.

Someone else didn’t think the dad did anything wrong, but they did think that punishing his daughter wouldn’t make her behave better right away. Their helper was handled like a “subpar being” and the child lied and blamed her. This made them think there were bigger problems going on.