Five girls pose for prom photo – later it causes a frenzy online due to little hidden detail


Prom is a special day in every young person’s life. These young women were similarly very excited for the big day and decided to dress up splendidly for the occasion. They posed for pictures together, and one of those pictures went viral.

When some people noticed the hidden detail, they were very impressed! Keep reading to see what the fuss was all about!

As everyone knows, high school students are usually under the age of 21 years old and hence are not legally allowed to drink in the United States. But other places in the world have lower age limits. While the drinking age in the UK is 18 years old, it is still not allowed to carry alcohol to school events where minors might be present.

But this does not deter some students from trying to break the rules and making sure they get some alcohol in their system as they dance the night away.


Prom chaperones are usually well-trained to keep everyone in control and to spot any alcohol consumption and put a pin in it. However, sometimes, students come up with ingenious ways to sneak in some drinks anyway.

This picture is a classic example of the antics students get up to! A senior prom attendee, who is seen posing for the picture, disguised an extra large flask. How, you wonder? Well, she merely took an extra large silver flask and fashioned it as if it were her clutch bag!

At first glance, it looks like she is merely carrying a fashionable silver clutch with her but at closer look, you see it is something else!

British student Eleanor Clarke was not about to let the law or any rules stop her from having fun with her friends. She wore a beautiful gown and carried what appeared to be a metallic clutch bag. However, it was soon revealed that the clutch bag was just a large flask. Instead of having a real bag to store her things in, she chose to carry something she could fill with liquid easily

Eleanor did not specify whether she filled the clutch with alcohol and was herself quite surprised she managed to pull this off. “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch,” she wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

She reportedly bough the flask from Tiger for $12. She hid it in plain sight in an ingenious way, so much so that no one was the wiser till she revealed her scheme herself!

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This is such a hilarious story. We wish the best to Eleanor and her friends as they enter the next chapter of their lives. What do you think of this story? Have one of your own which is similar? Let us know in the comments.

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