ST.This homeless man got a haircut and here is how he looks after!

When a man went missing, his family assumed he had died until they read a social media post about how a homeless man had changed.

Family members finally fulfilled their long-held dreams ten years later, and this is the instance when a new perspective truly transforms life.

Midway through December, a homeless man called Joao Coelho Guimares was seen by the Brazilian singer and entrepreneur Alessandro Lobo in the vicinity of his clothing shop and barbershop in the city of Goiania.

Nevertheless, instead of shooing the man away, he offered to assist him and inquired as to if he required food or clothing, according to Universo Online.

The visitor requested a razor as opposed to anything else from Alessandro. The businessman was touched and kind-hearted by nature, so instead of giving Joao the tool, he invited him to the barbershop to get his hair cut, shaved, and clothed.

He was quite quiet and reserved, but we could tell he was happy. Afterwards he said thank you to us,” the man stated.

Lobo later posted the result of his labor and a genuinely stunning metamorphosis of a man on his Instagram account. The man wanted to highlight his accomplishments, but he also wanted to alert other businesspeople to the importance of giving back as frequently as possible.

At that point, Alessandro had no idea that his deed would genuinely alter someone’s life. A social media user shared the businessman’s message, which led to his mother and sister Joao seeing him after believing he was dead for a while.

The women quickly got in touch with Lobo and requested his assistance in locating a relative who was missing both a home address and a phone number. As the businessman discovered, Guimares vanished ten years ago.

The family gave up on finding him after a protracted search and lived with this belief until they read Alessandro’s article. Nevertheless, if they had done a better job of searching on Facebook and TikTok, which have already saved more than one family, they might have discovered the truth sooner.

The day following the homeless man’s makeover, his mother and sister Maria visited the businessman’s establishment in an effort to locate the missing Joao. It took some time for the family to be located, but they were soon reunited.

Alessandro was able to take part in the joyful occasion as well, and he was just pleased that his nice deed had indeed resulted in widespread favorable outcomes.