76-Year-Old Susan Sarandon Criticized For Her Clothing – Has The Perfect Response For Haters

Susan Sarandon stands out as one of the most iconic actresses of her era. Renowned for her commanding presence on screen, she’s equally known for her outspoken nature off-camera. When faced with criticism of her choices, she opted to engage and educate instead of holding back.

Susan Sarandon boasts a remarkable Hollywood career that continues to thrive. Her portrayal of Janet Weiss in the 1975 cult classic musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” solidified her reputation as a skilled and versatile actress.

Following her breakthrough, she went on to headline numerous critically acclaimed films, including the beloved “Thelma & Louise.” Her outstanding performance in the movie earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

In the end, the actress’s performance in “Dead Man Walking” earned her an Academy Award.

The actress has consistently embraced body positivity and delighted in expressing herself through fashion. With an unapologetic demeanor, she openly champions the causes dear to her heart.

There was speculation surrounding the actress’s decision to attend a red carpet event clad in a white jacket paired with a black bra, with some deeming it “totally inappropriate.” Rather than offering a verbal defense, the actress opted to let a picture speak for itself.

She shared an old photo of herself flaunting her toned physique, dressed only in underwear. By invoking the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words,” Sarandon effectively silenced any debate regarding what was deemed “appropriate” for her.

She elaborated, “When you grasp the preciousness of time, you’re inclined to conserve energy for what truly matters and to keep company with those who are vibrant, curious, courageous, and adventurous.”

When questioned about her secret to maintaining a youthful appearance, Sarandon offered a straightforward response: “To age gracefully, I’d say laughing a lot, getting regular exercise, eating healthily, and avoiding excessive sun exposure are key.”

Nevertheless, the actress continued, emphasizing that maintaining one’s appearance also hinges on having an exceptional makeup and hair team.

Susan Sarandon is undeniably one-of-a-kind! The actress pays no heed to naysayers and steadfastly forges her own way. What are your thoughts on her response to critics?

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