HT1.A newly married couple are in bed

HT1.A newly married couple are in bed

A newly married couple are in bed…Brilliant continuation!

Once you discover that special someone you wish to spend your entire life with, you embrace them wholeheartedly, accepting both their strengths and weaknesses.

It’s common for people to wonder about their partner’s past relationships and how many people they have been with. Although this question can sometimes lead to feelings of jealousy, it’s a normal curiosity.

A newly married couple were lying in bed when the husband brought up the topic of past relationships.

He mustered up the bravery to inquire if his wife would share the information, but she remained silent and simply stared at the ceiling.

Insisting, he comforted her, saying, “You can trust me, it’s fine. How many guys have you dated?” However, once again, he received no response.

The man felt sorry for possibly hurting his loved one with his words, so he said sorry.

I apologize for unintentionally causing you distress. My intention was to establish a relationship based on openness and trust.

He broke the silence and said, “It’s okay, please don’t be sad.”

Once more, he received no response, so he approached her and began to kiss her and show her affection.

She grew annoyed and exclaimed, “Seriously? You’ve messed up my count!”

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