P2. Why you should never kill a house centipede if you find one inside your house

HT1. Why you should never kill a house centipede if you find one inside your house

Most people get creeped out by insects. Whether it is a lovely ladybug or a scary spider, insects can be terrifying for many. That is the reason why most of us freak out when we see one and feel the urge to smash them when we spot them inside our home.

Centipedes, or better known as “hundred-leggers” because of their many pairs of legs are widely distributed throughout most of United States and the world. However, they aren’t likely to be spotted by humans that often due to their nocturnal activity and the speed in which they move.

In general, these insects are not harmful for humans and the venom of most kinds of centipedes is not powerful enough to affect larger animals or people.

The good thing about these creepy insects is that they feed off far nastier bugs such as termites, spiders, silverfish, bedbugs, ants and cockroaches, which makes them the ‘good guys.’

This is definitely a reason enough for them not to be killed when spotted inside our homes. Instead of smashing them, we should make sure to either let them go their way or take them outside so they can feast on leaves and other insects. In fact, this is what we should do with every insect that gets into our home uninvited.

Of course, there are bugs and insects out there which are relatively lethal and need to be avoided by any means, such as bullet ants which make you feel like you’ve been shot after being bitten.

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