P2. Lisa Rinna debuts new androgynous hairstyle, and everyone is saying the same thing

Sometimes you’ve rocked a signature look for too long and you just want to change things up a bit. Nothing wrong with that.

For years, Lisa Rinna has worn a style referred to as the “mixie,” longer in the back, yet shorter in the front like a pixie cut. But recently, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star debuted a dramatic new look.

The former reality star showed off her new look in the Only Natural Diamonds‘ spring/summer 2024 digital issue.

The 60-year-old rocked multiple hairstyles throughout the photoshoot, but it was one that caught most people’s attention.

“I’m an actor and I like to play characters. Doing regular photo shoots came along after I’d been on a reality show for eight years and I started to wear wigs and explore fashion,” Rinna told Only Natural Diamonds.

“I feel very comfortable out of my comfort zone. If it shocks people, great. I love to shock people. I love to make people go, ‘Oh my God, look what she’s done now.’”

And fans were certainly shocked with Rinna’s new look.

“She seems so desperate for attention, just like Madonna. It’s embarrassing.”

“That hair is not doing anything for you! It looks painted on!”

“You do not look very good!! Sorry!!”

“Needed a hair assistant for this as well? Seriously wtf is wrong with u?”

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s buzzcut? Should it be her new signature style or should she keep her mixie?

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