S1. ‘I HAVE WORLD’S biggest br**sts In prison S2

ST2. ‘I HAVE WORLD’S biggest br**sts In prison S2

In prison, Keisha Johnson, an attractive African American woman, gained fame for possessing the world’s largest br**sts at 164XXX cups, each weighing 40lbs. Originally a natural D cup, she underwent three surgeries, including polypropylene string breast implants (now banned) that could lead to cartoonish enlargement, as warned by Dr. Anthony Youn.

Despite the massive size, Keisha Johnson claims her back remains unharmed, thanks to dedicated back exercises. She plans to reduce her br**sts size in the future and keeps her fans updated on Instagram as the “queen of br**sts.”

In contrast, Texas model Serena Monroe boasts saline implants exceeding 20lb each and aspires to have even larger br**sts , facing clothing challenges due to her size. On the natural side, Annie Hawkins-Turner owns the world’s largest natural br**sts, still growing at 60lb each, amassing a growing fan base.

This transformation story unfolds within the confines of prison, where Keisha Johnson’s journey to fame takes an unexpected turn.